Bush Green Bean



Kentucky Dreamer


 VarietyDaysPod ColorPod ShapePod LengthPlant HeightSeed ColorDisease
 Blue Lake 27455Dark greenRound6"16-18"White

C, N


Heavy yield potential. A standard. Use Slenderette for improved quality.


OG,PContender48Medium greenRound to thick oval6"12-18"Buff mottledC, P

Productive, widely adapted. Early vigor in cool soil. Tolerates heat. Popular.


PJade60Medium greenRound straight7"18-21"Pale greenC, N, R

Revolutionary! Long, round, straight pods. Excellent color, flavor, and yield potential.


PKentucky Dreamer54Medium greenFlat oval6"17"WhiteC, N

Improved Bush Kentucky 125 type. Concentrated pod set. Very upright plant. Low fiber.


 Landstar52Dark greenRound6.5-7"18"WhiteC, N

Attractive dark green pods are slow to become fibrous. Excellent flavor.


PMasai55Medium dark greenPetite3.9"18-20"White 

Used when very small—3.5" to 4", served as a whole bean, in the French gourmet style. A European standard for this use.


Roma II

Royal Burgundy


Tendergreen Improved

 Provider48Medium greenStraight, round with slight creaseback5-6"15-17"PurpleC, N, P, R

Widely adapted, bears in clusters, yields heavy early, slow to wilt, low fiber


PRoma II59Medium greenSmooth, flat5"16-18"BuffC, N

Remarkable flavor and tenderness. Slow to fiber. High yield potential.


PRoyal Burgundy55PurpleSlight curve and creaseback5-6"18-20"Buff /w round eye ringsC, N, P, CT

Purple pods turn green when cooked. Good vigor in cool soil. Tasty.


OGRoyalty Purple Pod50Bright purpleRound, slightly curved5-5.5"14-18"BuffC

Buff seeds germinate better than white in cool soil. Short runners, purple flowers. Mexican bean beetles avoid it.


PSlenderette55Glossy greenSlender5"20"WhiteC, N, P, CT

Improved Blue Lake type. Slow to become fibrous, so quality is legendary.


 Tenderette55Dark greenStraight, round with slight creaseback6"18-20"WhiteC, N

Vigorous. Known for bearing during hot weather. Bears pods high on plant. Slow to become fiberous.


 Tendergreen Improved53Dark greenNearly round6"18-20"Purple, mottled tan 

Expect a heavy yield of meaty beans from this widely adapted garden standard.


 Topcrop50Medium dark greenRound to slight creaseback5-6"15-18"Brown mottled buffC, N

Heavy, concentrated set. Good canner, freezer. One of the best known beans.


Resistant or tolerant to: C – Common Bean Mosaic; CT – Curly Top;
N – New York 15 Virus; P – Pod Mottle; R – Rust



Bush Wax Bean






 VarietyDaysPod ColorPod ShapePod LengthPlant HeightSeed ColorDisease
 Cherokee50Bright yellowOval, straight6"16-18"BlackC, N

Standard black–seeded wax bean.


OGGolden Wax45Golden yellow 4.5-5.5"16-18"White, purple/brown eyeC

Fine flavor, ideal for north, reliable yields, cans and freezes well.


PSlenderwax56Rich yellowRound straight5"16"WhiteC, N

Consistent high quality. Tolerates heat and white mold. See Slenderette.


Resistant or tolerant to: A – Anthracnose; C – Common Bean Mosaic; CT – Curly Top;
N – New York 15 Virus; P – Pod Mottle; R – Rust



Pole Bean


Blue Lake

Kentucky Wonder



 VarietyDaysPod ColorPod ShapePod LengthPlant HeightSeed Color
OG, PBlue Lake FM-162GreenRound6"6'White

Known for heavy yields of top quality beans. Excellent. Resistant or tolerant to Common Bean Mosaic


PKentucky Wonder66GreenFlat oval8"5-7'Buff

Delicious, distinctive flavor. A home garden standard for generations.


 McCaslan 4261Medium greenFlattened, slightly curved7-8"5-6.5'Ivory white

Southern favorite for snap beans and shelling. Prolific, vigorous vines, evergearing, always stringless!


 Missouri Wonder65Medium greenThick oval6-7"5-6'Pinkish grey mottled drab

Similar to KY Wonder with loyal following in Show Me State and up the Ohio River.


 Rattlesnake60Dark green streaked with yellow, ripen to yellowOval7-8"8-10'Light buff, splashed dark brown

Also called Preacher Bean. Distinctive pod coloring, fine flavor, good resistance to drought.


PRomano66GreenFlat, thick6"5-6'Buff with white eye

Unique flavor, vigorous vines, dependable yields.


 Wax Kentucky Wonder65Golden yellowCurved oval6-9"6'Light chocolate

Almost string less. Everbearing. Prolific in cool climates.



Bush Lima Bean

Bush Lima Bean, Henderson

Top, L to R: Dixie Butterpea, Butterpea Speckled, Fordhook
Middle, L to R: Florida Speckled, King of the Garden,
Giant Speckled or Christmas
Bottom, L to R: Henderson, Jackson Wonder, Sieva or Baby

 VarietyDaysSeed Per PodPod SizePlant HeightSeed Color
 Bush Lima Bean, Burpee Improved Bus703 to 64.5-5.5" x 1-1.25"16-20"Pale-green, wrinkled

Bears pods in clusters of 5 or 6 at center of plant. Fresh or dry. Fatter than Fordhook.


 Butterpea Speckled753-43.5 x 4"16-21"Red speckled with dark carmine

Popular for flavor, canning and freezing in South.


 Dixie Butterpea753-43.5 x 4"16-23"White

Popular in the South for excellent butter–bean flavor for canning, freezing.


 Fordhook 242753-44 x 1"16-19"Cream

Standard large lima.


PHenderson653-43 x .75"16"Creamy white

The popular baby lima.


 Jackson Wonder653-43 x .75"13-17"Buff mottled purple/black

Tolerates heat and drought.



Pole Lima Bean



Pole Lima Bean, King of the Garden


 VarietyDaysSeed Per PodPod LengthPlant HeightSeed Color
 Florida Speckled863-43.5"


Buff speckled with purple

Bears over a long season. Stands heat.


 Giant Speckled/Christmas8533"7-9'White with purple blotches

Seeds turn pink–brown when cooked. Rich flavor. Able to bear in extreme heat.


 King of the Garden904-53.5"7'Cream

Heavy yields over a long period. Freezes well. Top pole lima.


 Sieva or Baby803-45"8-10'White

Good freezer. Pole Henderson type.



Half Runner Bean
 VarietyDaysPod ColorPod ShapePod LengthPlant HeightSeed ColorDisease
 Mountaineer White56Light-greenOval/round4-5"36" non-climbing runnersWhiteC

Vigorous plants, big yields. Stringless when young, excellent for baking.


 State Half Runner52Silver-greenFlat/oval, slightly curved4"36" non-climbing runnersWhiteC

Pleasing strong flavor, excellent high yields, needs no staking, stringless when young. Tolerates heat and drought.



Other Beans



Scarlet Runner Bean

Soybean, Garden Soy


 VarietyDaysPod ColorPod LengthSeeds Per PodPlant HeightSeed Color
 Dark Red Kidney95Medium green6"522"Dark red

Traditional chili bean. Inedible pods. Vigorous plants tolerate late rain well.


 Fava, Broad Windsor75Light green8"4-748"Brown

Fava Beans thrive planted in cool weather like peas. Plant 1" deep in rows 18"-36" apart. The long pods hold large flat beans for shelling.


 Great Northern or Montana White65/90Green5"5-624-26"White

Large Navy type. Hardy, vigorous plant grows well in north. Long, thin–skinned seeds excellent for baking and soups, cook one third faster than Navy.



Small white beans won’t get mushy when cooked. Stand reheating.


 Pinto85-95Green5-6"5-620"Buff speckled brown

85 days to dry shell. Good for dryland conditions. Good very young as snap beans. Popular as refried beans.


PScarlet Runner65Green6-8" 6-10'Black mottled purple

Beautiful fire–engine red flowers. Pods edible when very young.


PSoybean, GardenSoy65-75

Eat like other beans or peas. Exceptionally nutritiuous and tasty—cold or hot, for snacks or meals, even if you don’t like tofu. Easy to grow. Easy to prepare. Developed for the human diet by Dr. Richard Bernard, U of Illinois, Urbana.



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